Bassmead Manor Barns wedding - Callum & Courtney

Callum and Courtney met each other in school at the age of 9 years old. They were good friends for a while until they finally got together at the age of 13 years old. When they left school at the age of 16, Callum joined the army and Courtney started her journey at becoming a teacher. It was very much a “lets see how it goes” moment. They made it through Callum’s basic training and on the day he had his passing out parade from the army, he proposed to her at age 18. Courtney then went off to University to get her

degree in teaching and Callum was posted in Cyprus for just over 2 years. Again this was a ‘make or break’ moment for them. This experience in their lives brought them closer together and resulted in them buying their first home when Callum came back from Cyprus and Courtney started her career in teaching. They then decided that there was nothing stopping them from getting married. The first venue they went to see was perfect for them and so they booked there and then. However, a few months later they went into lockdown due to Covid. Callum and Courtney eventually had to postpone their wedding for another year which leads us to the date 21st December 2021 when they finally were able to get married. In the space of 10 years, they have been through so much but every event that has occurred in their lives has only made Callum and Courtney closer and stronger.

Venue - Bassmead Manor Barns

Bride shoes - Irregular Choice

Bride hair - Kirstie Dynes

Cake - Cristina Mitri

Entertainment - DJ Dan

Flowers - Kathleen Ambrose